Drug Crimes

Protecting Your Rights — Defending Drug Charges

There are many types of drug crimes in New Jersey, ranging from possession to intent to sell and trafficking. All are serious but the penalties vary significantly, whether they stem from prescription medication to street drugs in small or large quantities.

At the Law Office of Louis G. DeAngelis, LLC, we use our experience in the courtroom to protect your rights.

Common drug cases include:

  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of prescription drugs without a prescription
  • Possession of heroin, cocaine and other street drugs
  • Growth or manufacture of drugs
  • Intent to sell or distribute
  • Drug trafficking
  • Conspiracy
  • Juvenile charges

Understanding What Is At Stake

A potential drug charge can greatly affect your future. Punishment can include incarceration and fines, which means a criminal record, lost family time and income, probation, perhaps the loss of a driver’s license, and more. Repeat offenses are penalized even more strictly. Therefore, it is important to seek a lawyer who will fight to keep your record clean.

Drug charges allow officer discretion in determining intent and intoxication, which is subject to a challenge in the court of law. Many charges escalate from possession to the more serious intent to distribute regardless your personal usage.

Fighting For Your Future

Attorney Louis G. DeAngelis has trained in drug evaluation and classification and can refute police tests in court. Our comfort in the courtroom is a driving force at our law firm, where we embrace challenges and will not take no for an answer. We want your case and we believe in defending our clients vigorously.

There are many effective defenses for both street drugs and misuse of prescriptions. Our skilled attorneys challenge search and seizure, arrest methods, intoxication test results and other evidence. We work to protect your rights.

You have a constitutional right to silence, and to hire a lawyer to speak for you in court. We don’t back down from a challenge. Call us today at (201) 630-0582 for a free consultation or schedule an appointment online.

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