Intent To Sell And Drug Trafficking Charges

Know Your Rights In Intent To Sell And Drug Trafficking Cases

There are a wide variety of drug crimes that may be charged in state or federal court. Two of the more serious drug offenses that an individual may be facing are possession with intent to sell and drug trafficking. Your or your loved one’s future is at stake in cases involving these charges and you need serious help.

At the Law Office of Louis G. DeAngelis, LLC, we understand the impact that intent to sell and trafficking charges can have on your life. Fully knowledgeable of the laws that govern these types of drug cases, our Englewood-based firm works one-on-one with clients to ensure your rights are protected. We focus on results in criminal defense cases instead of how many cases we can handle at a time. This enables us to continue to provide the exceptional representation and in-depth education that our clients need and deserve.

Potential Consequences Can Vary

If convicted of intent to sell or drug trafficking, you may be facing a range of consequences that vary depending on the type of drug in question, the amount of the drug and any other situations, such as whether or not a weapon was involved. It is important to note that these criteria are also used when the prosecution is making a determination regarding whether or not the case is charged in state or federal court.

  • Intent to sell: These cases, termed “drug possession with intent to sell” or “drug distribution,” often take a great deal of investigation. Since the law (under New Jersey criminal code N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5) does not specifically define what “intent” actually means, this can often be a point that we argue in court. Prosecution may attempt to prove that the amount of the drug in possession was too much for personal use and therefore was going to be sold, or there may be a witness to the exchange of the drug for money or other items. Selling near a school brings additional and more severe consequences.
  • Drug trafficking: Typically, trafficking of drugs is considered the transportation, importation or sale of narcotics and illegal substances. In New Jersey, this type of case is defined and charged under the same statute as intent to sell charges, N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5, and is a felony. However, when the trafficking crosses state lines or meets other criteria set out by the federal government, trafficking may be charged in federal court. In this situation, you would need an experienced federal criminal defense firm, like us, on your side.

In either one of these situations, a conviction may leave one facing years of jail or prison time and thousands of dollars in fines. In addition, your criminal record would show the conviction, which can impact your ability to obtain a job, housing, loans and more. There may be a variety of defenses we explore, depending on your specific situation, for charges involving both street drugs and the misuse of prescription medications.

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