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Hackensack Criminal Lawyer

Attorney Louis G. DeAngelis Can Fight Your Fight

If you are facing criminal charges in Bergen County, seek legal counsel from a law firm that works for quality results. The Law Office of Louis G. DeAngelis, LLC takes a client-oriented and detailed approach to every case. Further, it is not a volume-driven business and strives to fight personally for the clients it works with as a results-driven law firm.

You can trust Attorney DeAngelis to use his knowledge and experience in your case. Not only does he care about his client’s well-being throughout the legal process, but he also boasts the skills to back a strong defense. His firm is well-equipped to handle any criminal defense case, even at the federal level. Attorney DeAngelis will take every step necessary to uncover the evidence to defend his clients against unfair or wrongful allegations. He also speaks Spanish and offers bilingual services at his client’s convenience. 

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Criminal Cases We Handle

The firm specializes in various criminal cases, ensuring clients receive tailored defense. Whether individuals face misdemeanor or felony charges, the legal team's expertise covers an extensive range of criminal offenses. Among the cases handled are:

  • DWIDriving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges can result in severe consequences, such as fines, license suspension, and imprisonment. The Hackensack criminal defense lawyers are well-versed in New Jersey's DWI laws, working tirelessly to protect clients' rights and construct a robust defense strategy. The team comprehensively challenges evidence, scrutinizes procedures, and aims for the best possible client outcome.
  • Domestic Violence: Allegations of domestic violence have profound impacts on personal and professional life. Understanding what constitutes domestic violence in New Jersey is crucial, and the legal team is experienced in providing compassionate yet assertive representation. The team works to unravel the complexities of these cases, ensuring a fair assessment of facts and crafting a strategic defense to protect clients' rights.
  • Traffic Offenses: While traffic offenses may seem minor, they can lead to severe consequences, including license points, increased insurance rates, and license suspension. The firm tackles common traffic offenses in New Jersey with precision and dedication.
  • And More: The commitment to excellence extends beyond the listed categories. The firm handles various criminal cases, adapting expertise to each client's unique circumstances. Whether facing theft, assault, drug-related charges, or any other offense, the Law Office of Louis G. DeAngelis, LLC is prepared to stand by clients' sides and fight for their rights. 

DWI Laws in New Jersey

Navigating the intricacies of DWI laws in New Jersey is crucial when confronting charges. The legal team at the Law Office of Louis G. DeAngelis, LLC is well-versed in the statutes governing DWI cases. In New Jersey, the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for adult drivers is 0.08%. However, for drivers under 21, any detectable BAC level is considered a violation. The arrest process involves strict adherence to procedures, from reasonable suspicion to conducting sobriety tests. Attorney DeAngelis meticulously examines these procedures to identify any deviations that may compromise the validity of the arrest. 

What Constitutes Domestic Violence in New Jersey?

Understanding what constitutes domestic violence in New Jersey is crucial for anyone facing allegations. Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior committed by one partner against another in an intimate relationship. New Jersey law specifies various actions that constitute domestic violence, including assault, harassment, terroristic threats, and criminal mischief.

In cases of domestic violence, a restraining order may be issued, impacting child custody, visitation rights, and access to the family home. The firm's attorneys approach these cases with sensitivity and dedication, working tirelessly to uncover the truth while protecting clients' rights.

Common Traffic Offenses in New Jersey

Traffic offenses may seem routine, but their consequences can be far-reaching. The firm tackles common traffic offenses in New Jersey, focusing on minimizing the impact on clients' lives. From speeding tickets to more severe violations, New Jersey's traffic laws outline specific penalties, including license points, increased insurance rates, and even suspension. The legal team is committed to securing favorable results for clients by negotiating reduced charges, challenging evidence, or exploring alternative sentencing options within the framework of New Jersey's traffic laws.

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Facing criminal charges requires an experienced and dedicated legal team. The Law Office of Louis G. DeAngelis, LLC is committed to excellence and tireless advocacy. Clients entangled in the complexities of the legal system can trust the firm to provide the unwavering defense they deserve.

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Professional Affiliations & Certifications

  • Drager - Alcotest Certified
  • Drug Recognition Expert
  • US District Court of New Jersey
  • New Jersey State Bar

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It is important to understand and protect your rights by talking with a criminal defense lawyer. The longer you wait, the more your case is at risk. We will help you uncover and preserve the evidence you need to defend yourself against criminal charges.

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    Louis DeAngelis represented me in a few different cases with respect and professionalism. All the cases ended exactly the way they told me.

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    For over 10 years I have used him for countless cases always with great satisfaction. On more than 10 occasions he has helped me resolve many different situations.

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    If you are in search of not only a great lawyer but a great person, Louis DeAngelis is the one! From the moment I contacted him about a car accident, he was professional and compassionate and kept me calm.

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    If Louis takes your case, it is because he is confident that he can defend you and he will give you the best representation for your issue.

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    Excellent in every way and I was not an easy client. So skilled and educated 1st class!!!!!! I was shocked at how well my ...

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    I chose Louis Deangelis because he stood out amongst his competition in Bergen County. He was extremely thorough and ...

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    The Law Office of Louis DeAngelis was an absolute pleasure to work with. The efficiency and speed with which this office ...

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    Great service all around. Knows and understands the system and will treat you always as a first-class client. FIRST CLASS ...

    - A.O.

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