• You Will Not Be Disappointed
    Louis DeAngelis represented me in a few different cases with respect and professionalism. All the cases ended exactly the way they told me. If you need a really good and professional lawyer that lawyer is Louis, you will not be disappointed.

    - P.L.M.

  • Countless Cases Always With Great Satisfaction
    For over 10 years I have used him for countless cases always with great satisfaction. On more than 10 occasions he has helped me resolve many different situations and I highly recommend his service to anyone.

    - Z.A.

  • Skilled and Educated
    Excellent in every way and I was not an easy client. So skilled and educated 1st class!!!!!! I was shocked at how well my case went!

    - H.P.

  • He Is Always My First Call
    If Louis takes your case, it is because he is confident that he can defend you and he will give you the best representation for your issue. If you are looking for an attorney who treats every case as if it were his own with a dogged approach, look no further. I have engaged Louis on a number of issues and he is always my first call.

    - D.S.

  • Always There When I Needed Him
    If you are in search of not only a great lawyer but a great person, Louis DeAngelis is the one! From the moment I contacted him about a car accident, he was professional and compassionate and kept me calm. What I anticipated to be a stressful drawn-out ordeal was handled with ease and confidence that helped me to remain calm and stress-free. Louis was always there when I needed him, never making me feel like a number as other lawyers did. If you need any legal help definitely call Louis, he is the best to work with.

    - K.G.

  • First Class Lawyer
    Great service all around. Knows and understands the system and will treat you always as a first-class client. FIRST CLASS LAWYER!!! Highly recommend

    - A.O.

  • An Easy Phone Call Away
    The Law Office of Louis DeAngelis was an absolute pleasure to work with. The efficiency and speed with which this office handled my traffic violations were exceptional even when measured against the highest professional standards I am accustomed to. I have no intention of getting more traffic violations, but if I do, I will rest assured that relief is only an easy phone call away. Thank you!!!!

    - R.L.

  • He Stood Out Amongst His Competition
    I chose Louis Deangelis because he stood out amongst his competition in Bergen County. He was extremely thorough and personable, that I wound up hiring him twice. I would not hesitate to hire him and recommend him highly! He’s a good guy and a top-notch attorney. I was very pleased with my outcome in both instances.

    - M.A.

  • Extremely Professional
    Louis DeAngelis, Esq. was extremely professional and stayed on top of my difficult case providing me with the best obtainable outcome! I would highly recommend the firm.

    - J.M.V.

  • No Nonsense
    The law office of Louis DeAngelis has handled my cases with professionalism. The office responds to my inquires and answers all of my questions. They obtained stellar results as predicted. No nonsense. He is the right choice.

    - R.A.

  • He Always Has Your Best Interests In Mind

    You can count on Lou to deliver the best outcome in any given circumstance. He always has your best interests in mind and is working around the clock to ensure they are met. His professionalism and regard within the court system are unmatched. Do not hesitate to give him a call!

    - A.B.