Domestic Violence

Defending Your Rights, Reputation And Future After A Domestic Violence Charge

In domestic violence cases, often the case weighs heavily on he said/she said testimony. Some people remember things better than others. Some situations lend themselves to better testimony than other situations. We will thoroughly and aggressively review and challenge all evidence and testimony.

At the Englewood office of Law Office of Louis G. DeAngelis, LLC, we never give up. We never stop looking at the testimony and evidence and finding inconsistencies, challenging credibility and independently reviewing information.

Taking A Domestic Abuse Case To Court

We often find that we need to try domestic violence cases, and we don’t shy away from a trial, if necessary, to defend our clients. Since these cases are dependent on witness testimony, sometimes the only way to get to the inconsistencies is through trial cross-examination and questioning. Some witnesses over exaggerate, sometimes witness memory is impaired by drugs or alcohol, and sometimes witnesses are just outright lying.

Our skilled attorneys have handled many violent crime-related trials, and we know when to challenge a witness and how to challenge that witness. We know how to challenge testimony from experts and to provide expert testimony on behalf of the defense. With proper representation, you may be more likely to get the charges dismissed, withdrawn or minimized before you even have to face a trial.

Collateral Consequences Of Domestic Violence Convictions

Some defendants are not aware of the potential consequences of a domestic violence conviction. These consequences include:

  • Loss of firearm privileges
  • Loss of license to carry firearm
  • Being entered into the domestic violence registry
  • Disqualification from certain types of employment

These are all in addition to other common sentences, including jail, fines and having a criminal record.

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